Working to fund a lifestyle.


It feels a bit momentous today.
You see, I'm about to reveal a bit about myself.

Grab a cuppa, put your feet up, turn the radio down and hold on to your hat.
I have been living in a caravan.

A wee one.

Like this:

Some of you may have wondered as to the vagueness of mentions about our abode over the last couple of years, and references to a small home.

Well now you know!

We decided to step down from stress and live life in the slow lane, and we don't regret it one bit.

At one point we were both working full time in education, bringing in a handsome wage but not spending any quality time together.
We were working to fund a lifestyle at a level.

Now we spend almost all our time together: and it's brilliant.
(I'm genuinely sorry for anyone reading who 'couldn't think of anything worse'.. )

We started off in a caravan that I bought for cash (eBay sales money) in a builders' yard, spent four months making habitable (it was leak and mould-free) to our taste.
A five berth caravan was transformed into a fixed end bedroom/good size seating area for two, and once we had replaced the kitchen tap and updated the decor, we were away.

At an average of £10 a night, which to cover all our rent, electricity, water and council tax;  the only extra to pay out for? a bottle of gas once every six to eight weeks at a cost of £25.

Living the high life, cooking and eating just for two, and saving our pennies to spend on the next chapter of our adventure.


  1. We started married life almost 43 years ago in a small caravan. My husband's parents let us live in theirs. We paid a small amount of rent for a space and utilities in a local park. I don't think I really appreciated it at the time, but looking back, it was a nice place to live!

  2. It sounds like the perfect solution for the two of you...I'm planning a kitchen renovation and starting to wonder at all the stress, not to mention money but in order to modify for better usage, it's what has to happen...Enjoy your travels!

  3. Well done Tracy, I had guessed as much. I know how easy this is as we have now been living/working/travelling in our motorhome virtually full time for over 5 years now. We do use an awning when we are working as we need more space and like a few home comforts, but as we love travelling this (very simple) lifestyle means we can travel for between 2 and 6 months each year. Xx

  4. We also started off in a caravan in the Devon countryside 30 years ago. It was very cheap to live in. We decided to move though as the babies eventually arrived. Im ready and willing to do it all again now that they've all flown the nest.

  5. I knew you were living in a caravan! because we've done it too in the past although ours was a bigger one with two children under 3 and a old house being renovated.

  6. How exciting! We spend a lot of time in our tourer and know how cosy it can be. Seven years ago we sold our bricks and mortar home and bought a park home in order to release some cash and it's lovely. Enjoy this stage of your lives!

  7. I think it is absolutely brilliant and you sound so happy and content. I'm very, very glad for you.
    J x

  8. I had figured that out from your description in a much earlier post. I think that it must be amazing, I have had many holidays in caravans and have often wished that I lived in one. If I could find a good place with a permanent pitch it would become a reality as long as I had room for a craft shed. Well done on taking the plunge and grabbing the lifestyle that fits you.

  9. Home is where the heart is and doesn't matter if it's big or small if you and yours are happy, that's all that matters. Gotta say it's one way to go minimalist.
    My daughter loves visiting her Nana and Gangan in their static caravan :)

  10. Home is where the heart is and doesn't matter if it's big or small if you and yours are happy, that's all that matters. Gotta say it's one way to go minimalist.
    My daughter loves visiting her Nana and Gangan in their static caravan :)

  11. I envey you, I too started out in a caravan, we could not afford to rent anywhere, I really enjoyed it, until two children came along and we had to move I would dearly love to go back to caravan life, it was great. Enjoy

  12. The sloping window in one of your photos gave me the clue! We love our caravan and are thinking of swapping it for a motorhome now that we are fully retired. This has been the year of the big declutter for me and every time we come back from a trip in the van, I realise how little we need. Looking forward to hearing what your next great adventure will be. Catriona

  13. I guessed too. I would love to take off full time in our motorhome. I think caravans and motorhomes are cosy compact and fabulous. Enjoy your new chapter in life.

  14. Love the idea ! That is total freedom !

  15. Think I would miss having a garden...but I guess you can probably have a few pots if you're pitched in the same place for some time. x


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