Guilty as charged!

I apologise for the large gaps between blogposts.
I get quite sad my regular 'favourite' blogs don't post for a while, but have been just as guilty.
There's nothing wrong - the exact opposite in fact - so please forgive my tardiness and I'll try much harder to be the blogger I used to be.
Tracey X


  1. I am just glad you are OK Tracey. I will look forward to your next post.

  2. Glad to know that you are ok. I check in regularly and was wondering.

  3. Tracey, blog as you see fit!! Happy to hear the lack of posts is because you're out and about, doing happy things! I regularly check in and see if there's a new post and if not, I check a week later. Enjoy your summet!

  4. I expect that you have filled your life with happy things so just carry on, we will still be here when you have the time and inclination.

  5. It's your blog and your life and we will be here when you have the room to post.
    J x


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