Question time?

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post, as well as all the questions that I promise to try and answer!
To put them all into some kind of order, I'll adopt the who, what, where, when, how, why principle.


Living full time in the caravan we have Myself, Man Wonderful, and Millie aka Fanny the wonder dog! We have had several folk visit for cups of tea right up to a full four course meal, but to date we have had nobody else to stop over.


We bought a five berth touring caravan using eBay pennies, 

from a local caravan seller. We wanted the space of a five 
berth but turned one end into a fixed double bed, and 

the other end into U shaped seating. The van was dry and free of damp although the decor was dated. We had it at a builders yard for four months while we tarted it up before moving in full time.  Our faithful estate car has done us proud as the workhorse.


We started off in the South West of England, and have been 

travelling around the UK with trips to France included.  It is 
very freeing not to have to pack for a holiday, and being able to go somewhere at a moment's notice.



We actually started in January 2016.
The thought being that if we could full-time in winter, we could do it any time of the year.  And it's very true!
As we had issues before with a stalker through my last blog, I now blog in retrospect so if I 
say I am somewhere it means in real time that we have been there already and have moved on somewhere else.


Much easier than you'd think!
We talked about it.
Thought about what life was about.
Decided that being together and having an adventure was what we wanted to do more than working until one - or both of us - dropped.
We sold up, got rid of the mortgage, gave the kids money and any furniture etc. they wanted, and apart from a small storage cupboard we were free of everything else.

As for the Why?

I think I'll save that for another blogpost...


  1. It's absolutely fascinating and I think not only your man is wonderful, you are as well, for sure. :-)
    J x

  2. A round of applause to you both. You found your dream and grabbed it with four hands. I wish you tons of joy in the future.

  3. I'm a great believer in doing what makes you happy as long s you aren't hurting someone.

    I have to ask what do you do with mail? I guess you are totally on line now.

    We spend Febuary in Spain, a couple of weeks in the autumn travelling.

    Then the rest of the year we are here. I wish we could take the Wonder Collie with us. He loves people. But the flights would kill him.

    Kepp us up to date.

  4. Can't wait for the why .. Well done, your life sounds wonderful ! I'm embarking on a new adventure myself (working in a new place, in a new region) and I'm in my mid-sixties. Gives me courage and hope to read about your own move. Sometimes you've just got to hop it and leave !

  5. It sounds wonderful! I am glad it has worked out so well for you.

  6. I love this explanation of your life as it is now.
    It must be lovely to live with such freedom.


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