Mother Noah and Harriet . . .

Harriet was the winner of my little birthday giveaway, has very kindly asked for her prize to go to Mother Noah for her friend: so Mother Noah - please leave me a comment (which I won't publish) with a postal address for this parcel of handmade loveliness!

And Harriet?

Leave me your address similarly too please, as I have made you a little something to say you have a big heart xxx

Tracey X


  1. That has made me cry .... Thankyou Harriet .x
    My friend has done so much for me in the past that I want to do anything I can for her now. .

  2. Parcel arrived this morning .thank you so much for your kindness .
    I am taking my friend out for lunch on Tuesday and I will give it to her them . I am sure she will be delighted

  3. Thank you so much for the card Tracey. What a great idea. Why can't I think of things like that? I hope you and your family have an amazing, joyful and peaceful Christmas. Vlessings

  4. Mother Noah, you are really welcome! Glad it worked out that way. Tracey, thank you so much for the lovely card and little sparkly tree decoration - very much appreciated. I love the idea of passing on the goodwill, support and affection xxx

  5. Hi Tracey, just to say hope everything is ok with you and yours? You have been quiet for a few days. Sending love xxx


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