Christmas planning

Yes, I'm already planning for next Christmas.
No, seriously, I am!

Why? You might ask.
So that I get to really enjoy myself, that's why.

And I don't mean in the boozy, eaty way - although if that's your bag, that's cool; but how every you spend Christmas, forward planning helps avoid stress.
And that should be everyone's aim, non?

So the first thing I have done is made a list of anything we bought food-wise that we liked, and what we didn't need to buy.
We are old hands at this, and the only food items we bought different to usual were:
. a small gluten free fruit cake (MW's favourite)

. dairy/gluten free mince pies (also for Man Wonderful!)
. Chocolate tiffin for me

Over the years we have done the 'buying extra for the Christmas week' thing, and it feels great not having food leftovers or that could be waste.

I buy neutral wrapping paper (brown) and use red/white 
string to make it festive (eBay) and make tags from the year 
before's cards when they are taken down.

I have a stacking plastic box that is the 'Christmas' box.
All year I pick up things from my list* and pop them in the box.   If I fancy a wrapping session, I make a note of what is wrapped on the list*.

The 'list' has the names of folk I gave to this year, with larger spaces under our kids and grandkids.

I pencil in ideas of gifts.
This list goes with me when I go out to the shops, and if I see something reduced that will 'do', it is bought.
For example, I might think of getting someone a picture frame, but see a vase that I think they would like, so it is bought at the reduced price and wrapped up, ready.

I also have a list of items I want to sew, knit or crochet - and work my way through these over the twelve months.

I can make a couple of quilts, a cardigan or two, and a few knitted toys with very little stress giving myself 52 weeks to complete the items and spread the cost of resources.

I buy a set of blank cards, and decorate all the birthday cards for the year, writing the date in the top right corner of the envelope.
I use blank cards to decorate for Christmas too.

What do you do to plan for Christmas?
When do you start?


  1. I started today by tidying away the few decorations we had out (handmade by DH and I) and have started a list of what I want to make for next year for gifts. I have quite a bit of fabric that I have plans for so will start as soon as the house has had a good clean. Catriona

  2. New to your blog; hi! You are very ambitious. I'm still relishing the remaining moments of this holiday season. I don't fret too much about Xmas until late September at the earliest. But then, I don't handcraft any gifts. I'm impressed by those that do!

  3. Such a good idea in starting Xmas now. I am always stressed around Xmas as I never seem to have the time to do everything. Will definately start now.
    PS love your blog

  4. I will start making things for Christmas 2017 in the next few days. I also followed your advice and started a savings pot for next Christmas on November 1st.

  5. Glad to find you again. Used to follow you ages ago, still have the button heard you sent me hanging on my back door. Hoe the new job goes well for you.


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