Hygge Birthday to me..

Man Wonderful and I had a totally brilliant day out today on the cheap.
Now that we have a dog, our days always involve her; so I googled to find a dog-friendly local town and we ended up in Bovey Tracey.

Bovey Tracey is a beautiful little town on the edge of Dartmoor (in South West England for those reading from far away) with lots of buildings that were built from Dartmoor granite still being used.
As we arrived, there was a table top sale benefitting an animal charity in the church hall, so a 50p entry fee was paid and we perused the goodies within. 
The dog was welcomed too, and we received lots of comments about how well behaved she was!

(this is a rare sitting still pic!)

Man Wonderful bought some home made mince pies and a new  (to him) reading book while I came away with a wicker wreath ready to decorate and a rather nice woollen dress for just £2!
We had a very nice veggy lunch in a veggy cafĂ© where hounds were welcomed, and then spent a wonderful couple of hours mooching (I just love to mooch, don't you?) around the charity shops picking up things for Christmas gifting and replenishing our wardrobes. 
I got a brilliant pair of Ugg boots (get me!!) for just £7, and in the very next shop a brand new pair of padded insoles in my size - still in the packet - for £1: giving me warm winter boots (and OMG are they warm!) for the princely sum of £8 to charity. Best.price.ever.
(The winter boots I bought online a few weeks ago were too tight to fit my curvy calves, but fit GD's slender limbs perfectly, so I'd been looking for something for me since then!)
I popped into the independent wool shop - it was rude not to - and bought myself a gorgeous ball of sock wool. Just for me!
We ended our day at a local National Trust property with a hot mug of tea and a shared GF cake - proper yum!

Home then to Sag Paneer curry with onion and chickpea dal and flatbreads, and a bottomless mug of hot Ribena.
And that - my friends - was how this happy hippy chick spent her happy hygge birthday!

I'll be writing about the giveaway next post!

Hope you are keeping warm and snuggly.

Tracey X


  1. Happy birthday Tracey, sounds like you had a lovely day.

  2. It all sounds perfect Tracy. I'm so pleased you had a lovely day. X

  3. Sounds like a really enjoyable day out. Hope you had a lovely birthday. Blessings

  4. A very happy birthday to you. :-)
    J x

  5. Happy birthday and so glad you enjoyed Bovey Tracey. Totnes is lovely, too, as is Ashburton (lots of brocantes, antiques shops there) and of course, Torbay where I live.
    Ugg boots - I like the idea, but I don't think they'd give my arthritic feet and ankles much support, but I expect they are lovely and cosy - what a bargain!
    Margaret P

  6. Happy birthday! You found some absolute bargains :-) what a lovely day out x

  7. Happy Birthday Tracey, sounds like you had such a perfect birthday:) Gorgeous photo of your new addition, sorry I can't seem find what you named your beautiful girl? Linda xx

  8. Sending you the warmest birthday greetings!

    Hope you had a great day, it sounds right up my street, I love a hot Ribena.

  9. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, and how lovely that your dog was welcomed in so many places, it can sometimes be a real struggle when you're out and about with a furry friend.

    Belated birthday wishes xx

  10. Happy Birthday only two n a bit months late! I'm so pissed off I have missed all these posts! Hope you weren't wondering where I was x


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