Out walking the dogs yesterday I found 10p on the path. It made me think about the finds or unwanted (by-other-people) items we have in our home.

Do you remember The Wombles? It was a show well before it's time, with creatures recycling and reusing.

"Making good use of the things that we find

Things that the everyday folks leave behind"

It's easier for me and Man Wonderful to think about what we have bought new, as most of our items are rescued and reused!

In our lounge we have two new sofas. We saved up for them, and of our previous two sofas, one was free and given to us and the other cost £30. I have patchwork quilts over these bought-from-new ones to keep them as long as possible!

We also have a TV table (free), a NEXT drawer-table (£10) and two side tables (free). We have one old CD unit (was ours a long time ago) used as a bookcase and another bookcase made from the drawers of an old chest of drawers. (£5)

We also have a comfy chair reupholstered from an old Primary school staff room chair. (Free)

Our curtains (two pairs doubled up for the winter) were charity shop finds and I don't remember the price, but were less than £10.

But The Wombles searched around, tidying around where they lived, and took home what they had found.

We walk our dogs for about 2 miles each day, and if I brought home what I find it wouldn't be long before I filled our house.  This morning I found:

. a baby's dummy

. one rugby sock

. a pair of glasses with one lens missing

. a small cat collar

. assorted rubbish (collected and popped in bin outside the local shop) - sandwich packet, plastic drink bottle, chocolate bar wrapper, small carpet remnant

. items not collected:  thin cigar butts, two dog poo bags hanging off tree branches

I admit I'm a bit OCD with cleaning.

I think I'd have made a good Womble.



  1. I could never suppress a big smile whenever my daughter mentioned going for a walk on Wimbledon Common when she lived in London! The Wombles were fantastic role models and I am another one who brings home stuff found on walks - both useful things and rubbish destined for the bin. I really can't stand litter.


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