I am embarrassing to be with..!

 Oh My Goodness!!

Yesterday we went to the local shopping parade as I wanted to replace/update some make-up.  I use a concealer and foundation most days as I have a different colour patch of skin across my forehead and I like to cover it up unless I am in my pyjamas. (This limits who sees it!)

I had a splendid quarter of an hour browsing the different products that have been developed since I last bought face gunk.

When we reached the till there were several people queuing (suitably socially distanced) and there was a quiet hum of interaction around us.

As we were being served, I spoke to the young girl abut the array of perfumes along the wall behind her.  Because of the plastic screen between us and my facemask I had to speak quite loudly, and I then meant to ask,

"Do you have testers?" (of the various perfumes)

but instead said,

"Do you have testes?"

The shop around us erupted in laughter as I then went on to apologise and say that I didn't mean that she looked like a man....

As usual, it was embarrassing to be with me.

(A good giggle though...!)

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. That is just the sort of gaff I would make. At least it sounds like you gave a few people a good giggle - myself and my husband included!


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