A trip away

Isn't it strange that a wee trip to see relatives feels like a holiday these days? As it should do, my old-fashioned brain cries out!

We nipped up to Altrincham for a couple of overnights to see step-children and grandchildren and were treated to the most gorgeous summer weather!

As Manchester is usually colder and rainier than where we are in the South West, I had packed clothes for that climate - only to find that my warm jeans/longer sleeves/black toned clothes were not desperately suitable. Add to that the sad demise of one Lotta sandal by a puppy and I was pretty scuppered attire-wise.

I was left with trainers and a long dress.

To my utter amazement however, this seems to be the thing to be seen wearing and I was quite the trend-setter in my 'dress I've had since before I was pregnant with Daughter (who is 28 this year) and eBay trainers I've had for about six years' look.

Add to that the trend for making it yourself - knitting, crochet, sewing - and it appears that at the grand-old-age of 51 I am Trend City Arizona!!

Relatives have moved house recently and have saved their no longer wanted items for us to bring home and stick on our local online selling pages.  This adds to our coffers and means we can travel to see them again.  

I have a wee commission to add to the one I am working on:  a lad is going to his parents' wedding and needs suit and dress shirt altering.  I love using these skills and really don't charge very much at all as it's a lovely hobby for me!  The one I am half way through is altering a whole selection of clothes for Daughter's neighbour who has lost a lot of weight.  It is cheaper to have me to alter them than to by a new load of clothes:  and she gets to keep her favourite items.  

Now as it's Sunday we have the grandchildren here, so I'm off to get myself ready for a crafting morning.

More later,

Tracey xx


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