Folks asking for help with not spending as much

It's no secret I've been absent from blogging for a small while.
I've still read most days, but not blogged for a bit.
But I notice lots of people asking for advice on saving and stopping over-spending: and it's Christmas!
So if this helps anyone at all, here is how we live "below the line" and still manage to live pretty well (in our eyes!).
1. Turn your mind away from anybody else, and onto just you and yourselves. What you need and what you want, and separate the two. What you need is what you need to live.
2. Cover the mortgage or rent, the basic bills (electricity and gas), and any essential direct debit payments (phone, water, insurance).
3. Plan out meals around what you already have. By cutting portion sizes you can feed yourself longer than you think. Stew and soup can also be made from very few items.
4. Only purchase what you actually need, and from the cheapest place to easily get to. Don't shy away from cooking things yourself if it is a skill and you have time.
5. Write down exactly how much you ARE NOT spending each month.  Cherish this. It is an achievement.
6. Begin a savings account, and build it. This is only for dire emergencies (such as becoming suddenly homeless) and not told/shared with others. 
7. Plan your spare time. Reading blogs that help you is a good way to spend time (!) whereas spending cash on *daft things you neither need nor want is not a good way to spend time.
8. Take a step back and look at the household.  By sitting everyone at the table there are fewer spills at meal times and small spills can be wiped up easily. This leads to fewer items needing the washing machine.  What other whole household changes can save you time 
and money? (I know someone who gets up at night to switch on the washing machine 
using the off-peak rate - but that is fairly extreme...!)
9. Being careful with water - turn the tap off while brushing teeth/have shorter showers/shallower baths. Every little helps and water is an expensive commodity.
10. Make a conscious decision not to spend money on a particular day, or on particular things. Stick to it. This could be taking packed lunches to work, using your travel mug for coffee from home or even stopping smoking...

If you need advice, leave a comment - if you'd like to give advice, similarly. 


  1. Those seem like great ideas! Have a great 2018.

  2. Nice share! You might also want to check this article on How To Avoid Overspending This Holiday Season. Hope this help. :)


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