Christmas Eve's Eve

The gifts are all wrapped and I've stopped everything but fun for the next three days.
My Christmas shopping trip was super.
By saving the Coop stamps all year, I redeem the completed cards in December and it honestly feels like getting 'free' food!
I buy things to stuff hampers for a couple of family members, then spend the rest on my store cupboard supplies - including cleaning products. I have my kitchen cupboards full and then overflow items stacked upstairs with a stock list stuck inside my cupboard door.
I can whole heartedly recommend this method of shopping - apart from fresh food, I won't be buying a thing until ?April?
As for Christmas gifts, I make and buy things all year and at the start of December I begin wrapping and tagging them.
Getting ahead is the best way. To this end, I have casted on a knitted pair of socks this evening that will start off next year's Christmas box. 


  1. Lovely to see a post from you Tracey!
    I still have the socks I won in your blog giveaway keeping my feet warm.
    I hope you and Man Wonderful have a fantastic Christmas and wish you both a very happy new year!

  2. Hello, Tracey, how lovely to hear from you. That’s a very sensible way of planning for Christmas and now you can enjoy your time as a family. Merry Christmas!


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