Cheap and easy things to do this summer!

1. Make a packed lunch, go for a gentle walk somewhere local and have a picnic.
2. Check out an event at the local library and join in!
3. Set yourself a challenge - mine is to buy a new loo brush that fits with the new decor of the    bathroom - but it could be something as simple as walking past ten Church clocks in a week.
4. Invite a friend over for coffee.
5. Clear out a cupboard then enjoy visiting a different charity shop to usual  to donate and browse.
6. Visit the local National Trust places, and if you aren't a member, do the "free" bits: e.g, the outer grounds are usually free. (Although this is one area I do budget for, as we buy the grown-up kids membership for Christmas every year so they have lots of places to take the little ones then for free..)
7. Write your Christmas card list - and gift list - and then carry it with you so you can start to get ahead. (Seriously, Charity shops can be a goldmine of gift ideas..)
8. Talking of the C-word, make your Christmas cards! Even if you are not artistic, everyone can cut and stick....
9. Sort through your book pile and give yourself permission to!
10. Grab a blanket and a glass of wine and sit outside to watch the sky at night. In the UK it's the only time of year we can realistically do this, and some nights it's just stunning.
11. Try a new craft. Shops like Hobbycraft have cheap or free workshops all summer. Or check out YouTube for free 'how-to' videos!
12. Choose a new cuisine to try and make at home - it could be as simple as pizza or as complex as a Thai green curry.
13. When did you last use that frisbee? Or those badminton racquets? Get outside and use them! Go to the park in the evening if it's a hot day, or play under trees and take bottles of water with you.
14. Make popcorn at home (all you need is a saucepan with a lid, popcorn kernels and a little oil) and watch a film on the TV in your pyjamas. ((What do you mean that's normal?! Where have I been!!))
15. What is your area famous for? Go and see. If it's a view, go and see it. If it's a pie, go and try one! (One thing my area is famous for is pasties. I'm gluten, dairy and meat-free so I won't be joining in with that particular idea myself.)
16. DIY no, seriously. What do you have everything for, you just haven't had to time to get around to....yes. That. For me? Painting the kitchen ceiling. I have the paint, the brush, the ladder...
17. Buy a lotto ticket. Just one. The cheapest one.
18. Go swimming. Almost every area has a swimming place - some folks are lucky to live near where they can go wild swimming - and it's a very healthy activity to do. Most swimming baths have cheaper times to visit, so it does pay to check this out.
19. Plan and make a gourmet meal for a dinner party. Get the napkins out and have your best friends over for a scrumptious meal.
20. Or set the table grandly and make a meal with just five things you already have in your cupboard, fridge or freezer.

What do you do that is cheap and easy and can be added to this list?


  1. Great Ideas I shall be using a few with my little one :)

  2. If you look at the odds of winning on the lottery you'll find it would be better to give the £2 to a charity shop.


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