A Hairy Problem?

Look, we've known each other for a while so I feel we can talk about a sensitive issue.


Long time readers (from back when I could post photos to the blog) will probably remember that I have a wild mane of naturally curly hair.
This varies in length over time from short chin-length to almost waist length as I employ the technique of cut-it-yourself then just leave-it-to-grow.
But it's not head hair I want to talk about today.


I want to talk about being a woman and having body hair that I want to get rid of.
(Body hair? OMG: where on earth has she got body hair; please say it's in normal places...)
Yes, I'm talking about "usual" places - legs, underarms.. LOL

Why do I want to get rid of it? (I imagine you cry?!)

Oh society "dear reader", peer pressure growing up, and feelings of attractiveness without: in our society it's a hairy man's world.
I'm not desperately hairy - I don't have a chin beard or sideboards on my face for example - but I do get dark hair on lower legs and under pits that I like to get rid of regularly.

There are several methods to employ at home - shaving, waxing, chemical creams.. and they all have pros and cons.
Costs: shaving is the cheapest method by far, chemical creams the next expensive then waxing.
Pros: they all remove unwanted hair. 
Cons: shaving can cause skin abrasions, chemical creams can cause rashes, waxing can cause short term skin rashes.
Shaving is painless - unless you cut yourself with the razor- creams don't hurt but stink to high heaven and goodness knows what is in them, waxing hurts.

And after any and all of the above methods, the hair grows back.

Ho hum.

Perhaps it's time to become a hermit after all..
What are your thoughts on this hairy issue?


  1. I shave because it’t the quickest, cheapest, least painful and not smelly. Sorted.

  2. I shave although I have less hair than I used to - maybe it's because of getting older or perhaps it's an added retirement bonus (I wish). I usually use disposable razors (bad me) but do keep looking at powered ones and wondering if they do as good a job. Really it is all part of my early morning bath routine now and I rarely cut myself. I'd not want to stop.

  3. I shave every day as otherwise I'd have a beard!

  4. I shave because it's quick, easy to do in the shower and cheap. I only shave my legs when needed (eg: nice frock for a 'do', swimming cossies for holiday etc) as I live mainly in jeans and I'm lazy :D Underarms are done daily/ every other day, depending upon weather


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