What - another jolly?!

Yes, yet another night away in a smashing hotel completely free!
This time - Cardiff, the beautiful capital city of Wales.
It's not too far to travel from home for us, with a three-hour pootle from the Westcountry and a delicious Gluten-free Vegan meal for our dinner when we arrived.

How do we do this free?

There's lots of ways - write reviews for hotel chains/restaurant chains, etc. 
Be a 'mystery' diner or hotel visitor - you get your payment refunded plus a fee.
Or like us - attend a free training course or conference with accommodation included. 
This one is for Man Wonderful, but we attended one for me last year and everything was free; food, accommodation and drinks (not alcohol).
All we needed to do was get here, and I compare coach travel with the cost of car fuel to see what is the best value as well as the most convenient.

Being a thrifty frugal, I make the absolute most of what is on offer.

From the rooms: Tea bags in paper covers will find their way into my work bag.
Instant coffee sachets go into the box for the Foodbank, as do sachets of shampoo and shower gel.
Sugar and sweetener sachets get taken home and emptied into my storage jars.

All for my favourite price: free!


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