So what’s normal?

Everyday life right now could not be more different from when I was working full time pursuing a career.
I can remember retired relatives and colleagues commenting that they had ‘never been so busy’.
I thought then that there was no way on earth I could be busier than I was, working full-time.
Busy - yes - but as stress-free as possible.
The only thing that's different?
The income. (I want to write "LOL" here, but I'm not going to. So there!)

A typical day sees us getting up early to go and help the grandkids get to school while our daughter goes to University.
Man Wonderful does the walk to and from Primary School with the eldest while I play games with the youngest and do a little housework to help her out ("Mum! You don't have to do that! Thanks though." - hugs and kisses follow).

Then we need to take eBay sales to the Post Office for sending. Yes, it's a daily occurrence.

A visit to the supermarket to possibly pick up what's newly reduced in the fresh department and its home for lunch before little 'un has to go to nursery.
Then as soon as we are back, the dog needs her walk and it's time to collect the eldest from Primary.
Less than an hour later (drink, snack) it's time to go and collect youngest and drop the children home.
While they settle and their mum cooks their tea, we leave and come home before cooking our own meal.

That's a typical day.

Add into the above:
. visits to the care home - currently twice a week voluntary shifts
. seeing friends for a cuppa or to share a meal
. housework (notice it is third on the list)
. posting on eBay to keep the coffers ticking over
. medical appointments

I know this will be very similar for many folks reading.
If things had been different, I'd have been working full time for another ?20 years.
I'm well under the national retirement age.

So what's normal?


  1. I remember when our days were very similar to yours but the Grandchildren are all grown now and so we have more leisure time. Every day still seems to fly by though.

  2. I was able to get my pension 6 months after my 60th birthday but left work the year before as I was caring for family members. I am still busy with full days as you are but love being retired as I can be more flexible with my time and be my own boss and not be bothered by childish rules. Most of my retired friends are also busy with various commitments but prefer this type of busy.

  3. so glad your girl is at uni wishing her the very best with it tessa

  4. I would swear that Ihad more time when I worked full time! I work 16 hours over three days now but the rest of my life is so filled up with other stuff that sometimes I crave a few hours doing absolutely nothing.

  5. I like the fact that housework is 3rd on the list, on my list it is done if I can't find something else to do. And I don't even have the excuse of looking after grandchildren as they live in another state.
    I have been "retired" for about 30 years due to work related injuries, and am still not official retirement age for Australia, another 18 months to go.


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