Thoughts for the New Year..

A year ago we were living in a tiny tow-on-the-back-of-the-car caravan.

We hardly went anywhere or saw anyone due to the massive anxiety and mental health complications I had following an assault that had ended my 25 year career as a teacher.

I was struggling with bouts of deep depression.

I'm writing this blogpost sitting on the sofa in the warmth of our front room in our wee little house. Christmas lights are still up and twinkling on the mantelpiece and the stereo is playing soft easy-listening melodies. In the kitchen, our evening meal is cooking gently.

We have been so blessed this year.

With support, I found a place to work a few hours a week.  

With help, my medication was increased to a level where I'm not suffering huge dips of depression.

With friendship, we have been going out - to a supermarket, to lunch, to share food, to meet with friends.

Our little family is the rock to which I cling.

I've shed two stones in weight.

I feel good about myself.  

My wonderful Man Wonderful has stood beside me through everything and still does. x

Thoughts for 2018?

. Continue living below the line.  

. Continue to sell things on eBay.  

. Carry on with my supported few hours at work, with Man Wonderful's voice in my head: " long as you are enjoying it - when you are not, that's the time to stop."

. Carry on making items to commission.  


  1. What a wonderfully uplifting piece, and one which puts the many moans and groans that most of us have, into perspective. Wishing you continued peace and happiness in 2018

  2. This is a happier new year by far. Your blog is so positive. I love reading it. :)

  3. May you continue to thrive in the New Year. Best to you!

  4. Glad to hear that this year was so much better for you and that you are so well settled in your little home. Happy New Year to you and Man Wonderful.

  5. Wishing you a wonderful year for 2018

  6. Much much love to you Tracey and to MW. My life is greater for having you in it xxxx

  7. Lovely plans and a lovely blog. Thank you and a Happy New Year to you too.
    J xxx

  8. Happy New Year Tracey! I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for both you and Man Wonderful.

  9. Only wishing you and yours good things for 2018 and onwards xx

  10. Keep looking forward. Happy ney year to you both and your family.

  11. What a wonderfully uplifting blog. Wishing you health and much happiness for 2018.


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