01.45am Boxing Day morning

I'm sat in a large, clean lounge space opposite a huge TV (that is off, and has recently been dusted).  There's a very tall Christmas tree, bedecked in just silver baubles, with sparkly lights and a homemade silver star at it's apex.
There are 19 soft armchairs in the room - most recline a little, all lift a flap to raise the occupant's lower legs, and several will gently extend to lift the occupant to almost standing.

Where am I?
On a night shift at the local care home.
And it's Christmas night.

I'm taking time out between 'rounds' (euphemism for checking on each resident and carrying out any essential care) begin again at 2am.
I've got a hot cuppa (tea) and some leftover veg from our delicious Christmas lunch at gorgeous daughter's house.
Christmas Day was sweet.

Man Wonderful and I had our personal Christmas late on Christmas Eve.
We swapped gifts and drank mulled wine, listened to the radio and snuggled on the sofa.
It was perfect.
Christmas Day we arrived at Daughter's house as they all woke up.
We saw the grandchildren open their stocking gifts and then come downstairs to check if Santa had drunk his beer (he had) and if Rudolf had eaten his carrot (ditto).   Then, with huge surprise, the two little ones 3 and (almost) 5 entered the lounge to see their Christmas gifts.
We were able to watch, help, play, puzzle, join in, laugh, cuddle and enjoy Christmas morning.

Son-in-law cooked a stunning meal - GD had pre-cooked all the veggies - he cooked meat for them and roasted veg for everyone.
We were rewarded with a delicious lunch.

I've just finished my leftovers now, and am about to go and do my checks.
It's 2am on Boxing Day morning.

What are you doing right now?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Yawning, watching Mary Poppins and wondering if I can summon up the energy to make dinner. :-)
    J x

  3. I slept in until 9am, very late for me! We have had a couple of hectic days with 11 here on Christmas Eve and then we went to friends yesterday and to other friends today. We enjoyed all of it. So much good food, gifts and close friends and family but it is definitely exhausting!! It is -29C with a wind chill of -34C and no change until after the New Year, Brrrrrr. Wishing you all the best in the New Year!!

  4. Just woke up from Christmas night shift. Frigid here. -30C. Go back and do it again tonight. The ward was quiet. It's amazing how many people suddenly don't need to stay in hospital over the Christmas week!

    These are my last night shifts. I volunteered for them. Technically my new job started yesterday and I have found the holy grail for a nurse. Monday to Friday with day shift.

    I hadn't realized you'd returned to work. May your next shift be peaceful.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas day.

  6. Morning! It's 1:07am on Thursday 28th and I'm in blogland due to an annoyingly dry throat and tickly non productive cough keeping me from sleep! X

  7. The look of wonder and excitement on small children's faces when they see that Santa has been is one of the most joyous sights ever.


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