Living without a TV is entirely possible....

"Oh, I couldn't live without a TV!"
This is the response I get nine times out of ten, when people find out I don't have a TV set.

(This has, more often than not, been after I've been asked, "Ooh, did you see such and such last night?"
And I've replied, "No, we don't have a telly.")

Usually then followed by;
"What do you do instead?!"

What do we do?
Instead of watching TV?

We talk to each other, cook meals and eat together, read books with our feet intertwined, listen to Radio 4 or Radio 4 extra, walk the dog, see friends, babysit, do crafts, sit in the sun or watch the rain on the garden, do housework, do food shopping....

i.e., all the things folk WITH a telly do at other times!
It's not like we are suddenly doing an unusual activity that only TV-minus  people do.

There are, I guess, some positives to being without a box..
- we don't have to pay for a TV license
- we don't have to pay for a TV
- we are not tied to the sofa at certain times
- we can shop in fairly quiet supermarkets at particular times of the week..
- we talk to each other more
- it is easier to rearrange furniture without a focal viewing point
- we look out of our windows!

Do you have a TV?
What would you do with the time if you didn't?!


  1. I have not had a television in years and I often get the same reaction. Clean house, care for my sick cat, write letters, blog, go outdoors, listen to music, read, chat to a friend...the list could go on...

  2. No we don't either - it is about five and a half years now. We do like films so when we are 'fixed' we have sometimes subscribed to Love Film by post, so are able to watch films and some TV. I have also watched about 5 things on catch-up TV in that time too. I am able to do far more crafting for not watching the drivel on TV, but have to admit to wasting some of this saved time on the internet.

  3. I do have a tv, as you know I've been watching Twin Peaks, but I listen to the radio and podcasts far more. I tend to have World Service on at night, 5 Live at the weekends for sport and the odd bit and piece on Radio 4. I don't enjoy plays or comedy on the radio for some reason, but everything else works for me.

  4. We are quite choosy but I would miss TV because of the things I like watching - quizzes, tennis and those one off big events like the olympics - oh and Strictly through the autumn!
    Friends have just gone TV less, not sure why as they loved watching cycling and boxing.

  5. We do have a tv. I could do without it, but I don't think my husband and son would agree to getting rid of it! Tracy

  6. We haven't had a TV for well over 20 years. Never missed it and when we are on holiday or in a hotel we very soon get bored with what is on there. Thousands of channels of utter rubbish.

  7. We haven't had a television for 26 years! I couldn't imagine having one.

  8. We did not have a tv for years and loved it. I think we got one again for the Olympics but when it goes i shall not be getting another. There's nothing worth watching for starters but we do like to stream films now and again.
    We were constantly being pestered by the licence people though because they could not believe that we did not have a tv. It wouldn't matter now as we get a free one because of our age. So, there are some good things that come with age, lol

  9. I do have a tv but did without one for about 6 months when my previous one died last October. I did just fine with the radio and what I could watch on my computer for 6 months. Finally bought a new TV in time for baseball season. I do try to limit viewing - I check the news in the morning but then switch it off during the day and have the radio on instead. I enjoy television but try not to let it dominate my life and I certainly wouldn't be staying home to watch TV if I had the chance to do something else or to visit with friends. I think it's like all other tech - it should be a tool that we use - it shouldn't be something that dominates or controls our life.

  10. We do have a TV but have done without in the past. I wouldn't miss it much but hubby would. Though I'm sure he'd get over it eventually. x


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