An Autumn weekend

So yesterday I was very excited to see that a local National Trust* place had an event where there were characters dressed of the period of the house, talking to 'visitors' (us) at an afternoon tea party! As with a lot of these events, it was totally free, so we got togged up - plus wellies and waterproofs - took the dog, and popped along for a look-see!

The characters looked like extras from Downton Abbey, and the grand house was dressed for the occasion: our granddaughter loved it, as did all the grown-ups!

After a quick cuppa in the cafe, we then went on a chestnut-hunt and puddle-splash until the drizzle turned into proper rain, whereby we parted company with the young un's and came home for me get dinner ready for what is becoming a regular Wednesday night "thing"!

My menu last night was well received.

I served an experimental pasta sauce that left everyone at the table - me included - speechless! It is most definitely going to become a dinner party favourite.
I used a gluten free fettuccini as the pasta and made the sauce using chestnuts, mushrooms, garlic and soya cream. It was beyond yummy!
I followed this with a homemade dairy free cocoa mousse, served in little cups.
One to be repeated!

Today the rain is nowhere to be seen: there's a blue sky with fluffy white clouds, and it's warm enough to sit outside with our lunch.

*This is an organisation that preserves and maintains buildings and areas within the UK for future generations. They rely on donations and membership fees - it is an annual amount to join, and something we do every year, and make the most of!


  1. I love a bit of history. Always a lovely day out with the National Trust. So worth the annual fee as we would never experience all the wonderful places at full price :)

  2. It sounds a wonderful day.
    J x

  3. Yum, I've made something like that before and it's delicious, I have mine cooked mainly in stock with just a hint of cream, but lots of creaminess for everyone else!

    Chestnuts are a favourite here in the winter.

  4. Oooo Tracey, have you tried Alpro Go On? It's a bit more spendy than other things and it's in the fridges near the large tubs of yogurt, but it's an excellent substitute for cream cheese. It's so creamy and is perfect for sweet or savoury


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