Not having two wardrobes

By 'wardrobes' I mean a range of clothes, by 'not' I mean, er, not..

When we seriously downsized to live in a teeny caravan and go travelling, I found it very easy to organise my clothing.
It went into two piles: things I actually wear, and things I really just try on and take off again.
I've always been the same - if an item works for me I keep it until I can't wear or repair it anymore.
Other clothing items get tried from time to time, but rarely join the 'A' list.

I don't follow trends - never have, and I don't dress seasonally, either.
Which is where the not having two wardrobes thing comes in.
Today was a day to demonstrate this exactly.

I got up, got things ready, and we headed off for a leisurely picnic and play date with kids and grandkids at a local National Trust place.
I wore, from bottom up: Birkenstocks, black leggings, baggy over shirt and scarf - the latter used both in hair and around neck at different times today.

Although it's a hot summer day today, I wear this outfit in any season; I'd have warmer footwear and a poncho on top added in the winter, but I've worn this outfit for supermarket shopping, for a smartish lunch out with my sister, for charity shopping and when on a coach holiday.
That is just one example of my wardrobe being multi-seasonal.
I wear a long denim skirt (made from a pair of jeans and some floral fabric) with a long 
sleeved top all year round; again adding a poncho or a cardigan in the winter.

I wear the same dresses no matter the season; adding tights and a denim jacket in colder months.

But I don't have a separate wardrobe for different seasons, like a lot of women I have seen out and around recently.

- I've also seen too many women recently, wearing what look like uncomfortable outfits: shorts disappearing into lap creases while walking, thin 'trendy'? t-shirts showing bras through.
Tops tight on torsos, dresses or skirts being worn and 'adjusted' constantly - all these seeming to give the wearer the look of discomfort.
It's not just women either - chaps with socks and sandals and shorts.

I'm wondering if the outfits are worn because it's summer and they are summer clothes, therefore the person feels they should be wearing them?
Why is this only summer clothes?
Do these folks have uncomfortable autumnal attire to suffer with too?
Do people genuinely have date-or-weather-sensitive clothing?

Maybe I just can't be bothered. Is that it?
I accept that I'm a hippie, that I wont spend out on a new item - any item - when you can get it preloved, and that I'm happiest being quirky and individual.
I don't even buy a new outfit for an event: I can dress up something I already have - add my heels, a necklace and some make-up and I'm set.
Yes it saves a fortune too. Just thought about that. there anyone else who has 
clothes they wear all year round?


  1. Definitely! I have very few items of clothing and I'm always feeling like I should make more of an effort but as I spend most afternoons trailing through fields in my wellies there doesn't seem much point. X

  2. Same here. Leggings/jeans/shorts (depending on temperatures!) And a Cardigan if cold. Simple. I don't do fashion and at 53 just feel comfortable in the few items of clothing that I own.

  3. I too have an all year round wardrobe and don't follow fashion. I like to be comfortable.
    I'm interested in your poncho, did you make it? can we see it?

    1. Hi Carol!
      I'd dearly love to show it, as it is homemade and crocheted, but I can't add pictures to my blog on this blasted iPad!
      I need someone v techy to hold my hand and show me how I think.....?!

  4. I have a couple of frocks that I wear when it's hot and I have a couple that I wear on those horrible occasions where I have to go somewhere"nice" but my other clothes are for year round. I wear vest tops lots and just layer them up when it's cold. Same with dresses, just add tights or leggings and a cardi and off I go.

  5. I don't have seasonal 'wardrobes' either Tracey. Like you I add tights and cardigans or leave them off depending on the weather. I don't follow fashion trends either and never have.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. You are of my own heart. I wear the same items all year around and if I like something I wear it to death and mourn when its gone. lol

  7. Your today's outfit could be mine!! I'd wear birkenstocks all year round - even with socks - if I could! I don't really have seasonal clothes - apart from a warm coat. I use things like cardis, scarves, tights, etc when the seasons change. I've been known to wear a thermal vest in July! My sun tops/tee-shirts double up as vests also in the colder months, or as pyjama tops. No need to have a bulging wardrobe - 80% never gets worn apparently.

  8. All my clothes are multi-seasonal. Vest underneath or cardi/sweater/shawl, on top. I wear boots/trainers varying the thickness of my socks. I no longer care what anyone thinks-I'm clean and so are my clothes-Iam my own person now in older age and seldom buy a ne woutfit for anything special. Daughter passes on lots of stuff and I wear it with pride. Catriona

  9. Me! Tunicky tops with shorts or 3/4 leggings in summer, long leggings and a cardigan in winter!

  10. I have a number of items that are multi-seasonal but, given our extremes of temperature, two different wardrobes are a necessity. I live in Toronto where summer days can be 35C and extremely humid, while winter days can be -26C with howling winds. Cashmere sweaters simply don't work in August and cotton capris would mean frostbite in January. However, in a more temperate climate such as yours with only the occasional day of extremes, a year round wardrobe should be much more possible.


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