Living the dream

So here we are, in our cosy little terrace.
We have had many adventures to get here, I can tell you!
Some not pleasant - 'character-building' shall we say? - some just blummin' 'andsome (as they say around these parts).
I've  blogged about the whole thing since our start along the frugal highway - firstly as Fostermummy, latterly as myself, Tracey.
Over the last ten years we have gone from a five-bed detached, to a caravan, to a little three-bed terrace.
A serious assault halted my career and left me with permanent disability, but thankfully we had paid  off our mortgage before this happened.
We lived like hippies for two years, slowly putting me back together.
We became grandparents, met some lovely folk, and waved goodbye to people we realised weren't very nice at all.

And here we are.
Living the dream.

Our dream.
Being together, living simply, no debts and living within our budget, saving up for trips or treats, helping other people, seeing family and friends.

I'm still a frugal Fostermummy.

But I also have the realisation that every day is a gift not to be wasted.


  1. Hallo. I'm new to your blog but reading your back story I can guess that the past few years have been tough for you. Hears to your future. I wish you blessings and joy. be happy.

  2. Wishing you a happy new home. You certainly are living the dream. I have learned this past year that every day is a gift. I intend to waste no more time on negative people and things. Looking forward to hearing about life in Devon. :)

  3. I love the way you are living your dream.
    J x

  4. So glad things have come full circle for you. All life's experiences are worthwhile, even though you cannot see it at the time. Raising a glass for your future Tracey. X

  5. You are so right to say that every day is a gift. Now we are on the wrong end of life we try to make each day count and let things that we don't want in our lives go.
    Enjoy your little house and have a lovely bank holiday.

  6. Lovely news and you sound really happy. Catriona

  7. So glad you are settled in your new home, I have followed you since your days as Fostermummy, although have been pretty slack at commenting! Enjoy!

  8. I am so happy for you Tracey. I wish you and Man Wonderful many happy years in your new house.

  9. I echo what Sally said in the first comment. I didn't start reading blogs until the end of 2014 and am sorry I missed your original blog, however I've caught up on your new one now. I'm really pleased that things have turned out well for you and your family.

  10. May joy and happiness be with you and yours always x


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