Stop and smell the roses..

As I go around in my little world, My Beautiful Life, I see so many, very unhappy-looking people.

I have made no secret of the fact that I - like one in four adults - have support to manage depression, and I know that everyone has their own journey so I don't seek to judge, just to wonder.

Are these people unhappy?

Or have many become tied up in the nitty-gritty-bitty-shitty everyday strains of life and forgotten how to actually live it?

One thing that has helped millions of people is becoming mindful.

Pausing. Stopping just for a moment, a minute.
Smelling the roses, it's been called.

Mindfulness can help with weight loss; by eating slowly and savouring the flavours we give time for the brain to register the 'full' signal from our stomachs.
Being mindful can help at work; listening, waiting before giving responses, remembering the exact parameters of our 
roles: all these can be powerful tools for managing stress.
And in relationships too, being 'mindful' of why someone could be acting that way, taking a little time before speaking to formulate thoughts, and putting ourselves in another's perspective can all come from mindfulness.

One of the most balanced people I know takes five set times a day to be alone for a few minutes, and returns from these breaks in the daily routine positively glowing with inner 

But I began by talking about unhappy people.

I'm mindful that everyone has their own journey, and that we don't always find ourselves where we want to be - or in a particularly positive situation.
If this is you reading this, try taking time to be mindful.
Think about and around yourself and other people and decide how you can make your life more beautiful - for you - 
even in a small way.

And when you can, stop and smell the roses, savour that coffee, or just breathe in and out and enjoy being you.


  1. A lovely message, thank you.
    J x

  2. So far, the day is beautiful. Wishing you the same.

  3. So happy to have found you again Tracy - I've just spent a lovely couple of hours going through your posts and catching up with you. Very glad to hear that you and your family are doing so well.

    You have posted some wise words today - life isn't perfect but it's pretty good and I manage. I try to be thankful for what I have and not to be envious of those who have more (at least more material things). I try to be positive when with others and "keep my troubles to myself" as my Nan used to say - although I'm lucky to have a few close friends that I can confide in when needed. I have started some yoga classes (recommended for some physical problems) but have to say that the warm up and cool down sessions are relaxing - and being reminded to really think about your breathing and how your body feels as you move through the exercises is having a very positive affect on my general well-being. It's easy to focus on the negatives in our lives and to take for granted all the good things - thank you for reminding me to be grateful and mindful every day.

  4. A grey day...but the birds are singing
    A sorely skinned knee and various other bits after yesterday...but I'm breathing!
    Lots of paperwork to catch up on...but it's half term and eldest is on holiday from school so we're going out for a get together later....though youngest is driving cos basically I'm a bit of a cripple ATM!

  5. FOUND YOU X I went to a conference last year run by Jenny Mosley who I ADORE and she calls them 'Golden Moments'. I try to have one a day. Mostly it's about reminding yourself how lucky you actually are. Well I'm lucky to have you in my life x that's today's golden moment x


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