A lovely time

We had a super time on our little jaunt to bonnie Scotland!
It was brilliant value - travelling door to door by coach, staying at a very nice 3* hotel with meals included, trips each day, entertainment each evening - at the start of the season saved almost 50% on the price!
The doubts I had about sharing a break with a coach-load of people were quickly dispelled by the wide range of activities on offer. We simply chose what we wanted to do and were then with like-minded folk.
We danced, read our books, did a daily quiz, and took part in all the city tours (but not all at the same time!).

Home now to our little pad, and some good cooking.

Lunch today was a beetroot and Halloumi burger.
Dinner tonight is veggy soup followed by pepper and black bean stir-fry (with sliced fillet steak for MW).

We don't have special food/time/treats for the 14th of the month.
I don't know about you, but we don't 'do' Valentine's Day: to my mind, if you have to wait all year to tell someone you love them when you are in a relationship, then it's a pretty poor show.....


  1. Having read all of your most recent posts, I'm glad to have found you and look forward to reading more. I too am attempting to live differently as I did when younger for a variety of reasons including disability, forced retirement and fixed income. I also live in the US in very volatile times. I look forward to reading more of your story. As I can't knot, sew or crochet, I will admire your talents from afar. Thanks.

  2. Hello again. Glad you enjoyed your holiday in Scotland and found the bus tour not so bad! I used to go with my late mother after her friend died and we used to pick and choose the bits we wanted to do. Totally agree about Valentine's Day-people were falling over themselves in M and S on Saturday to grab the dine in for £20 "deal" with free chocolates. Tomorrow is another day in our lives when we will be happy to be together and in good health with the wherewithawl to eat and heat. Hope everyone is well. Catriona

  3. Sounds like Scotland was perfect. x

  4. Hope you waved on your way past! We don't 'do' VD day either but this year I got the most beautiful bouquet of roses delivered- of course he was ( jokingly )chewed out for the ££££ ! We are still celebrating though !


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