Living below the line?

We live a very happy, but very simple, life; each and every day.

To achieve this, we have left behind much of what we used to think we 'needed'.

If you are thinking about living a simpler life, make a list of your basic needs and how you can fulfill them in the simplest way.

Here is an example:

1. Each other
2. Somewhere safe to live
3. Some clothes for each season
4. Transport
5. Healthy food
6. Simple entertainments
7. No debts, an emergency fund, and some savings

After I became disabled, it was brought home to us very suddenly that nobody knows what could happen tomorrow, so as I've said here before, we moved out of the house and paid off the mortgage.

We set ourselves up in a teeny place and simplified our possessions to minimalist levels.

Our place is ours, we don't owe the bank a penny.

We are safe and secure.

Sorting out our possssions was fun, actually. Apart from the piano (which now lives with daughter), we have a few pictures and arty pieces in a secure storage place, and a few boxes marked 'eBay' and 'Car Boot'.
Our other possessions were either sold (settees, metal garden furniture for example) given to friends (dining table and chairs, bed from spare room) or to the charity shop (30 assorted bags of household items, clothing and books).

We have a few items of clothing for each season - these are replaced when they are needed to be.
I recently bought a pair of very good quality trainers in the sale.

We save an amount each month for our transport.
MW has a bus pass

I still have my sewing machine and use it regularly.
We get books from the local chazza shop, or library and return them there when read!
I also use the bookbub download for free books.

I knit and crochet like mad, sometimes using new yarn, othertimes I unravel a chazza special, and I do a quick turnaround in alterations of salvaged, new-to-us clothes. I still cook everything from scratch as cheaply as possible.

Living below the line is fun for us most of the time.
I guess it's all about perspective.


  1. You are an example to us all, and long may you continue to be happy in your smaller home, with your simple and yet beautiful way of life. Instead of moaning about what you haven't got you appreciate what you have got. You are to be admired.
    Mrgaret P

  2. I treat it as a game, where I make the rules. It is a happy life for me, I have few needs and even fewer wants. My crafting is virtually self funding and I use a mixture of new and up cycled materials.

  3. Hi Tracy
    It sounds as though you have your priorities well and truly sorted. I am trying to simplify and declutter at the moment and you are right, its amazing how much stuff we have that we really don't need.
    You are very inspiring.

  4. great post makes you think about what you have and what you need.

  5. I should say it is very much about perspective and yours is a very healthy one and it all depends who is drawing the line really, isn't it? In terms of the line you draw above in your entry, I reckon you are soaring . . .
    J xxx


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