Playing Draughts..

 This winter is our third in this wee house.  We've had quite the adventure, Man Wonderful and I over the 20 plus years we've been together. 

Two years ago it was chilly here. We used central heating sparingly, and a gas heater when we had to.  We replaced the UPVC front door which made a difference.

The next winter wasn't as bad, but still not great so I sealed between the skirting board and floorboards with clear sealant, and this made an improvement.

For this winter we are upgrading the two radiators on the ground floor.  I'm hoping we will be a little warmer again.  

Today I have been alterating a thick curtain to hand inside the downstairs door to add to our insulation.  

Any ideas for the house to have a warmer winter?



  1. I use an old curtain as a lining for the curtain we hang inside our front door, to add an extra bit of protection. I have read about people using cheap fleece throws as linings for curtains too, which seems like a good idea. We have draft excluders at the bottom of the doors into the living room. One is a posh purchased double one that moves with the door. The other is just an old fleece rolled into a sausage shape - ideal for tripping over, but it does the job! Although we have double glazing, the opening section of our bedroom window lets in cold air on the hinge side, despite there not being a visible gap. I wedge a strip of thin rubber insulation in that side during the winter. It comes out easily enough when I want to open the window to air the room and is equally easy to put back in again. One other thing I do is to cover the interior vent for our kitchen extractor fan with a shower cap when not in use as it lets in lots of cold air.


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