Frugal fun..

So the summer draws to a close. 'Twas a good one, I think.
As I'm writing this evening, Gardener's World is on the telly showing the abundance of flowers and crops folk have had thanks to the sunny weeks we had in the UK. A very hot summer.
Now, regular readers know that I don't need to spend much money to enjoy life.
Today we drove to the coast and sat with the dog, watching folk swim in the sea while we drank tea from a flask and read our books in the sunshine, enjoying the sea breeze. 
I'd picked in a load of dried laundry before we ventured out - by putting the washing machine on overnight we save 30% and it means I have a load to peg out when the first kettle of the day is boiling.
I've been working on a hexagon-based patchwork quilt in the pattern of 'Grandmother's flower garden' since the start of July. When finished it will be the size of a King size bed, with every stitch sewn by hand. The cost of the quilt is minimal - all the fabrics are salvaged - the sewing thread and wadding being the only things that are new. I get many hours crafting that are priceless.
Dinner tonight was frugal - we decide what to eat dependent on what we get reduced at the supermarket. Today this was new potatoes reduced to 29p and large field mushrooms reduced to 22p. We added home-grown tomatoes to this along with two eggs and four veggy sausages and had a 'cooked breakfast' for dinner.  Tomorrow we have folk for dinner, and more reduced price veggies will feature. 
But the best frugal fun I've had in ages was this afternoon, when I wrote out my Christmas gift-giving list, then went to look through the boxes where I put all the bits and bobs I buy 'for Christmas' throughout the year; because by saving things as and when since the start of the year, I've crossed off almost all of the people on my list as having a gift all ready to wrap up. Some people might think it's swearing, talking about December 25th this early in the year, but by planning ahead I don't get into ANY DEBT and am able to celebrate exactly how I want to.  
Try it.
I have a small list of items that I want to make/create as gifts, and have plenty of time to do so - even taking into account working part-time and taking on any last minute commissions. 
What have you been up to that constitutes frugal fun? 

Tracey xx


  1. Your seaside visit sounds perfect. I would love to make a quilt. Its on my wish list to start learning.

  2. Reading charity shop books, making home-made pizza, gardening, bird-watching, visiting the seaside and all the usual make-do-and-mend! Just starting to think about 'C'.


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