A bit of decluttering this week from our wee little house, prompted by a visit to the house opposite which (and I fully accept this is someone else's choice of living) was cluttered with a capital GT2!CDEFH. ((Could you find the 'C' in there somewhere?!)

I did my usual trick of finding the charity bag first, then finding enough items to fill it.
Out went:
A small wooden 4-drawer mini-unit that has been sat on the far side of the windowsill.
The first 5 in a series of books Man Wonderful has read.
A whole lot of Peter May that we have both read.
4 pretty glass jars that match - I did have herbs in them but these are now surplus.
A pair of sheepskin slippers I don't -and won't- wear. (The person who gifted them doesn't even know I write a blog, it's ok!)
Four cushions we just don't use in our lounge: I don't know why I was keeping them!!

Then we moved some CDs we want to watch into the kitchen, onto the bookshelf where the Peter May had been.
While we have a fairly tidy house with fewer things compared to a few years ago; it still feels "lighter" to have a sort-out and a throw-away.
Much as I love certain very special folks, I don't know how they manage living in amongst so many belongings that need tidying and dusting and rearranging and..and..
I feel much calmer in an emptier space.

How do you feel about things, items, belongings, stuff?


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