Winter food

We've had a very productive week.
Last weekend Man Wonderful and I had our belated summer holiday in the form of a romantic weekend away to St.Ives, our favourite UK place. We went by train, which was cheaper and very relaxed, and although our stay was at the end of the season; we arrived right at the end of the week when people were literally packing up,and travelling home. Saturday and Sunday were gently quiet in the beautiful seaside town.
(I still can't add photos only stock ones, so this isn't St.Ives..)

Once home, we decided to eat down our store cupboards before a 'big' shop. 
(For those who don't know, a 'big' shop is where you buy lots of cheaper items and stock up the cupboards rather than just getting bits and bobs here and there and eke-ing out what you have. One benefit of living in a house rather 
than the little caravan is being able to do this.)

I took my choppings* from the freezer and put these in the slow cooker with a stock cube and some water, and added a couple of thinly sliced celery sticks, a chopped leek, and the remainder of the red lentils we had. 
Once cooked, I separated this into a stew by adding two chopped onions and two chopped potatoes, and a curry by adding mushrooms and a head of broccoli and spices.
I also put a pack of Kabuki dried peas into a bowl with lots of water to soak overnight. 

Then I spent a lovely afternoon at the care home. 

When I came home it was very late, but supper was ready :-)

At the care home I was given the gift of half a pumpkin!
So this morning it went into the oven along with three onions and half a head of smoked garlic.
This I made into the most delicious casserole with half of the cooked kabuki peas. The other half of the peas we ate as a soup as soon as they were cooked - and they were bloomin' lovely!

Tonight we are having a chilli to use up the very last of our fresh and frozen veg, and tomorrow I'm doing my Big Shop (capitalised on purpose!).


  1. Hello lovely lady-nice to hear from you again. I love St Ives and hope to be travelling in that area next year. The view from the top of the Tate Modern and am a fan of Barbara Hepworth too. I love the seaside out of season as I don't like the heat and it's usually quiter. Glad you are settled in your new home. Happy cooking! Catriona

  2. I take my vacations off season now. The husband is retired and free to travel whenever.

    So, Spain in February, somewhere else at the end of September.

    Weather is still good, fewer people, and things aren't usually as expensive.

  3. Sounds both delicious and efficient and glad you are enjoying your small home. Cheers!

  4. So glad to hear you enjoyed your time away.

    Your food sounds delicious, I need to get cooking myself, I'm a little of of the habit of making anything other than risotto and stirfry at the moment.


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