Free shopping!

As regular readers know, free is my favourite price for anything.
I don't profess to be a guru, a frugal queen or a prolific tightwad; but when I get something for nothing or next to nothing I get very excited.
This week has been a week for using what we have already, and I love experimenting with store cupboard items to create not only wholesome but delicious meals for Man Wonderful and myself.
One meal was a chick pea curry, another a gorgeous treat of homemade baked beans using half a box of dried fava beans from my Hodmedods parcel last month.
However I knew it was time to go shopping when Darling Daughter popped round and peeked in the fridge.  The question did I 'need to borrow some money to tide me over?' (I don't!) sparked me into a trip to a not-so-super-market this morning.
But the trip was actually not that bad, as Man Wonderful uses said S.Market for vehicle fuel, and gains some kind of points on a card when he does.
This meant today he had £10 to spend as store vouchers.
The only catch is you don't get change.
So I managed to get the following for £2.13:

10 long life soya milk (the very cheapest way for us to get our milk).   £5.90
1 light olive oil.                                                                                       £2.87
2 tomato purée.                                                                                        £0.80
4 baked beans.                                                                                        £0.96
2 kidney beans.                                                                                       £0.60
4 chopped tomatoes.                                                                               £1.00

Knowing the food was almost free will make it taste much sweeter!

Have you had any 'free' shopping recently?

Tracey X


  1. I just did a shopping run, My little dog will live high on the hog as I picked up over 3Kg of beef for £2.25. The saving on that more than covered the cost of my shopping.

  2. Frugal Queens are boring bitches, lol.

    I save up my points and cash them in when I reach $100. I then put the $100 into my holiday funds.

    One drugstore does a double your points event before Christmas, so I often wind up with $200 to spend on toiletries, chocolate, juice, basically whatever they sell, so we stock up then. When my children were little, I used to tell them those points were their Christmas spending money and they loved it.

  3. I use my 'more' card at Morrisons and enjoy spending the £5 vouchers when they come. Free food is always welcome.

  4. Gotta love a freebie :) I do the same as your husband and got my voucher which treated us to a posh icecream (which I never pay for) and the ingredients to make a yummy picnic of frittata and pastries. The best was the free clothes the local church gave away at fete and I was able to redistribute them to friends I know who are struggling to dress their children this summer.

  5. No freebies cashed in but I am now up to $50 worth on my supermarket's loyalty card. I plan on saving it up until Christmas and then use it for all the extras & treats. My Account notes that I have received over $300 worth of free food vouchers in the past two years of use so I think that's doing pretty well.


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