Oh what a beautiful morning..

oh what a beautiful day!

I don't know about you, but it's the littlest things that make me smile these days - I don't need or want much in my simple life.

It's just stunning here today, and has been all week.
Blue skies with not a cloud in sight, full sun, glistening sea, breeze blowing across the grass. Bliss.

We don't have a lot in the cupboards food-wise, as it's coming to the end of the month and I enjoy using up as much as I can before giving the shelves a good clean-up.*
Anything we just won't use gets donated.  
This month we have a bag of pasta (not gf, and given to us), and a bottle of cucumber mint presse (it's vile, but we didn't know this and bought two for a lunch with friends) to give away.

I'm cooking paella for dinner tonight - vegan and gf, of course - with mushrooms and spinach featuring alongside onion and garlic.
It's a super use-it-up dish, and one we enjoy.

(* I don't "do" spring cleaning, as when you live in a small place, you tend to clean as you go - and I'm a wee bit OCD when it comes to cleaning, in that I'm always wiping out cupboards and polishing drawer fronts. anyway ..)

I had a little lie-in thanks to Man Wonderful.
We have the small people this weekend as the kids are away for their anniversary.  I've planned meals and fun will just happen as it does: although I'm very happy that there are places you can visit, if you wish, and pay quids for entertainment - clowns, jumping on inflatable things, patting sheep, etc.. - I'm very old-fashioned I guess, in that I think there is just too much fun to be had in exploring the garden, playing at the local park, cutting and sticking, and pretend play.

I'm also - thanks to my chum Sam - having a go at baking gf vegan bread this weekend.  Pittas and rolls.
Hopefully I'll be just as much of a dab hand as her chap, who kindly posted pictures and a how-to of their weekly bread making on Sam's blog ninetofive-ish.com
Wish me luck!

The only thing I really, truly need some help with is getting my pictures on this **blinking** blog.
I could do it easily when I had a netbook, but this iPad...aaargh!!
So - anybody have any advice about adding pictures?
I tend to use my iPhone to take pics.

Looking forward to any help..

Tracey x


  1. We have wall to wall rain here, it's done for my lovely tulips! But that is Nature, isn't it? Plant something, wait for it, it emerges from the soil and then is flattened by rain!
    I think we are all a little bit OCD in various ways, whether it's just lining things up in cupboards or cleaning the fronts as you do!
    Enjoy Bank Holday Monday, I hope you still have blue skies!
    Margaret P


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