What have I been up to?

Hi folks!

Firstly thank you for the kind messages and for keeping in touch: it's meant a lot. Thank you.

Life is as beautiful as ever. 
Busy, yep, but then whose life isn't?

I'm still blissfully married to Man Wonderful.  
He's as wonderful as always.
Gorgeous Daughter is very well, and will be married in just under a month.
My beautiful Granddaughter is two, and was joined eight months ago by a handsome Grandson. The house is full, and never dull!

I'm knitting, quilting, cooking and baking; and still working too.

What's new is where we live, being dog-free (very sadly) and blogging on a iPad.  Not sure how to add pictures on here yet, so (literally) watch this space!

Next blogpost I'll try to add pictures of my current craft projects.

Until then,



  1. Welcome back, so nice to hear from you again, really missed you x

  2. Awww so good to see you back blogging FM:) Many congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful grandson, grandchildren are such a blessing♥ A wedding as well, how very exciting♥ Happy Blogging:) Linda x


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